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Short biography for PR use

Unique on the Scottish circuit, the Elusive Tree Ensemble explores the meaning of roots, and the artist’s sense of place. Showcasing original compositions and innovative arrangements, this pioneering septet brings together some of the most exciting and award-winning talent on the Scottish jazz scene. Their genre-hopping repertoire explores jazz, folk, gospel, classical and funk sounds with style and inventiveness.

The Ensemble's self-titled debut album was heralded as "immensely satisfying" by the Glasgow Herald, with Rob Adams going on to praise the band's strong identify and "compositional strength". Read the full review here.


Band members:

Michael Butcher, Tenor Saxophone

Phil Cardwell, Trumpet

Paul Harrison, Organ

Doug Hough, Drums

Adam Jackson, Alto Saxophone

Rachel Lightbody, Vocals

Ben MacDonald, Guitar